Betsy's passion is to help companies achieve their goals in the fast paced changing global landscape

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.
— Charles Mingus

Betsy Ludwig

Born and educated in Boston, Betsy was sent to Brussels in the mid-90s as a management consultant to pioneer the first, pan-European telecom network where she gained her love of building businesses that wanted to change the world. GTS went on to IPO for $10 billion. Betsy then received her MBA at INSEAD in 1998 and then into the world of global enterprise at Lucent Technologies where she integrated recently purchased startups with innovative technologies into Lucent’s existing product portfolio. She formulated market strategies for new technologies and spoke at numerous global conferences on the changing landscape of telecommunications and technology.

Her passion for entrepreneurship and rapidly growing businesses lured her to the world of private equity at Investcorp where she learned how venture capitalists invest, how to be an effective Board member, how to negotiate and what makes or breaks a fast growing business.

Betsy founded LCC on the principle that what businesses need is not overly complicated but  a simple understanding of risks and rewards that are unique to them. Every business is complex and needs to be understood but in a simple way. Making deicisions is hard. Drowning in minutia from reams of paper distracts from the real objective. Most of the time businesses just need someone from the outside to come in and challenge capabilities, listen and articulate the group vision in a coherent way and set a course of action with diligence, determination and dexterity.  LCC does just that.