You have a million great ideas and don’t know where you are going to find the hours in the day to make them happen. You know in your gut that your ideas for growth can work.  But in this day and age that isn’t enough, noone wants to gamble. You have to research the market, forecast the feasibility of your idea, undertake rigorous competitive analysis, understand the implications on your P&L. Run scenarios. Identify Risks. Hire people. Appease shareholders and stakeholders, both current and future. And keep selling. This is true whatever your size or industry. And then maybe, just maybe after all of this intense analysis, you can execute your idea knowing that you truly understand all angles and that it isn’t a gamble anymore. Stakeholders are happy, you are happy.

The problem is all of this takes a huge amount of time, energy and money which you are short on.

LCC are experts in operational business planning and strategy for any idea, whether you are a large multinational wanting to create a new line of business or a start-up needing capital or just a great small business who is moving so fast you just can’t breathe.

LCC works with you to understand your current business, your strengths and weaknesses and helps you form a plan as to how to tackle your next great idea. Sometimes this is a simple add-on to leverage spare capacity in your current business and sometimes it's bigger- you have identified an entire market need that you want to fill and you need to establish companies/subsidiaries, raise capital, build websites with ecommerce, have detailed technical knowledge, need contacts abroad whether its in the US, Europe, Middle East or others. LCC can help.

LCC was established to help the modern day executive or entrepreneur establish their priorities and realize their dreams.